Movie Paradise 28

I had the fortune of visiting Movie Paradise 28 back in June, a week before I was going back home and it was amazing. Nothing like I expected! Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of things but it was amazing. I had come in contact with an artist attending who would save me a copy of her work. I was still heavily into the mcu and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. so… it is what I bought most doujinshis of. The artist that held a copy of her work for me behind was sold out when I arrived at her table, it was crazy! I also bought a few other stuff in Shibuya.


Funny story time. I bought 3 of each in the Disney store in Shibuya, they got lost in the mail and at that time they had only sold the Winter Soldier tsumtsum in Japan (which were sold out 3 day after I bought them) so I was devastated. Then I found out they’re sold in America and my friend bought 4 of each for me and then shipped them to me!! Still a happy ending. I hope to one day own the big Captain America tsumtsums.

There was also a Marvel Store for a few weeks while I was there, which my friend took me to which is where I bought this big Captain America pillow! The store was amazing, I might post the pictures of it in another post.

Then there is this mug I saw in the store…. Sadly the paint is clipped a bit above his right eye but otherwise looks fine! Another piece I couldn’t not buy.

Some of the merch I got at Movie Paradise! A cute fan from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. along with a postcard. Another postcard from another circle and then a Winter Soldier tissue for your glasses, cat!Stucky buttons, a bag with cat Bucky, dog Steve, and dog Rumlow.


To start with are my small doujinshis from both Captain America and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.. The artist I met released a Rumlow/Steve anthology with various different artists! She was lovely and we went out for lunch a couple of days later and I really love the doujinshi. Honestly I had looked at the circles before going to the con but when I was inside I just wanted to get as much as possible and I just went down the line fast, buying any Stucky or Napollya not sold out.


A lot of Stucky… And from what I can see on tumblr, Japan is mixed on who tops-bottoms so it was quite a risky thing because I couldn’t look in them before but to my great relief all except 1 is bottom!Steve. I was SO relieved. bottom!Steve is my preferences so dodged a bullet there. I follow the artist of the doujinshi of the 3rd on top on tumblr&twitter and her art is amazing! I asked her to sign the doujinshi and she wasn’t really sure but I honestly love her work so much? I’m so glad I could purchase her work.


I had to wait 30 minutes in the line for the artist from the top two doujinshis and as I waited the line grew impossible long. The line was leading outside even! And as I waited the line even grew longer! I wouldn’t have minded but I was with another friend who had to wait alongside me. Thank god it didn’t rain but it was worth the wait! Next to Hak-kun they had the longest line of people for their work.

Also bought a Thor/Steve book and another doujinshi that is top!Clark which I’m kinda eh about (the art is super nice though!) There were a lot more artists but were sold out when I finally reached them but overall I’m quite happy with my haul.


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