First doujin order of 2017

I might have bought more than I initially had in mind. I just wantd some otayuri & pliroy books but then I had gotten into Haikyu and so I had to buy kuroken and ushioi books too— in this post is also featured my Gilgamesh figma I accidentally bought two of! Sadly 6 books are missing due my proxy not ordering, I contacted him last night and he responded fast and I ended up with 3 of the 6 and 7 new doujinshis added so, can’t wait till I get those.


Beginning with 5 otayuri doujinshis, 2 pliroy, 1 Viktor/Yuri, and 1 JJ/vVktor. I don’t really ship JJ/Viktor I bought it more out of curiousity and it is quite angsty. They had a thing before Yuuri and apparently continue even after Viktor meeting Yuuri but from what I can tell, both are not happy with the current situation. The 2 pliroy books are quite hilarious, JJ has his hands full with Yuri and it is endearing. All the otayuri books are heartwarming.


3 kuroken books, 7 ushioi, 1 ushioi&oikage anthology. Sadly there aren’t a lot of kuroken books left on toranoana but luckily suruga-ya has me covered there! I didn’t want to over do it so I focused on ushioi books from suruga-ya (1 kuroken!) which were long sold out on toranoana. The second kuroken is a book of them losing their virginity to each other, it is quite cute with them freaking out about everything and then a “did you put it in?” moment. Third one is with jealous Kenma and Kuroo trying to comfort him. Most ushioi books are set in the future/college in which they are a couple.


To be honest, I wanted to buy quite a lot of ereri books but these four alone costed quite the penny (especially knife with 400+ pages..) so I focused on Sinba’s work, the top right is an anthology of her old work and Like a Girl3 is a sequel to her other two Like a Girl doujin in which Eren wears different kind of high school uniforms for Levi. One day I hope to own her Fanservice books. Top left is RODRING’s old work. The Knife book is my absolute fave of the pile, it’s yakuza!ereri. It has tattoos, uniforms, fighting. I’d say some of the most popular ereri artists worked on this.


The last of the books I ordered, 2 Fate, 2 Fire Emblem Fates, 2 Magi. The fate ones are: Archer/Rin and Gawain/Lancelot. The book has convinced me to ship them. Fire Emblem are 2 Marx/Kamui. Magi- 1 Hakuyuu/Kouen one and Solomon/Sheba anthology of her previous works.

The figmas arrived a little week before my doujinshis but I decided to take pictures now of it. Gilgamesh has quite a fancy box which suits him. I left one in the package in case I can sell it because I’m not in need of two of them.


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