April order & FACTS commissions

Received 15 new doujins from various fandoms! In this month’s haul is included: a nendo, 2 funkos, and a few commissions from various dc/marvel artists I bought at Facts as well as two other nendos I ordered this month. Anyhow, let’s begin with the first part!


I bought the two funkos and Kageyama nendo at FACTS on 1-2 April while the Yufuin En nendo I ordered in between and Kuroo arrived two days ago. It was such a struggle to find the Kuroo nendo! Everywhere he was sold out and I was afraid how he’d go up in the aftermarket for €€ (which he did… but I got him the same day he got released) I should have p/o 2 but I didn’t sadly. Hopefully I can find him for some decent price another time.


I’m still really into YOI and the Japanese fandom (nor the western!) doesn’t disappoint! Most of these my proxy had forgotten with my previous order so they arrived yesterday. 5 Otabek/Yuri, 1 JJ/Yuri, and 1 Viktor/Yuri. The Viktor/Yuri one is really sweet? I had honestly expected an angsty read of Viktor leaving to go be with Yuuri but he stayed with Yuri :’) I think 強情LOVERS is my favourite of the bunch, Yuri is very aggressive with Otabek and Otabek is completely overwhelmed.


Not many ushioi books even though I intend to collect as many as I can. The first ushioi is left from right because it was originally a Korean book. The second one is really cute, Ushijima takes in a little crab which transforms into a naked Oikawa?! Followed by 3 Kuroken books and 1 Bokuaka.

Never in a million years did I think I would get my hands on a doujin by mookie but someone put their copy for sale on tumblr and for a decent price as well- I just had to get it. It’s absolutely my fave too and I even managed to order a copy of their latest work! The bokuaka is where apparently bokuaka have a problem with their sex life so… Bokuto’s solution is to give Akaashi a sleeping pill?


And the last two of this order. I bought the Levi/Eren one because omegaverse but apparently it’s only the first part of another book? Sad it’s only one book. The sourin is also cute as it’s about them as itty bitties and Sousuke kisses Rin for the first time!

I expected to spend all of Saturday on getting these commissions but I was done by 12pm?! I woke up at 6:30 am, left at 8 am, got at facts at a little before 9 am and then I got two free sketches as well as 3 commissions. The first commissions are Injustice!Damian Wayne with a Jason Todd commission by the artist Giuseppe Cafaro. The Tim Drake and Jason Todd are by Julien Hugonnard-Bert and my 3rd commission is by Marco Failla and I’m almost sad I didn’t get it on A3 since it’s such a beautiful drawing!

That’s it for now What’s next? Probably 12 (hopefully) doujins, and a bunch of Haikyuu nendos!


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