June Order

It’s been a while since my last post! I was gonna post earlier but I got a bit lazy and since receiving my package I got a few more items so I thought to combine everything together!


We’ll start with the bane of my existence: otayuri doujinshis. There are so many 😭😭 I want them all. Some should have been part of my previous order but I can’t complain since they’re all lovely. The 5th is an omegaverse doujinshi with Yuri having Otabek’s babies 🙏 Toranoana had gotten a bit quiet but after WTTM video got out Otayuri flooded Toranoana again!


Been waiting so long for the first 2 doujinshis 🙏 so worth it 😭 The 4th doujinshi is Viktor/Yuri and has the theme mafia!!! Viktor is the leader of his group and takes Yuri as his own and I’ve been so #blessed I wish there was more of it. The first doujinshi is of Yuri and JJ being snipers while the 2nd is of JJ being turned into his 12 year self. Yuri has to deal with JJ being 12 and can’t hold himself back so he jumps JJ while he is still 12 but during the sex JJ turns into his 19 y/o self again. Yuri’s reaction to JJ’s dick growing inside of him was hilarious.


Levi/Eren. Has. So. Many. Omegaverse. Doujinshis. I must buy them all. The first two are from the same artist and sequels to each other, a lot of omegaverse doujinshis in this fandom usually have sequels/prequels and I’m loving it! Third doujinshi also has a sequel which I hope to receive next time, the 4th one is a sequel to a book I purchased previous time. A popular theme is somehow Levi (the alpha) being younger than Eren..?


Not a lot of Haikyuu books this time! Saw that kurokenboku book on Toranoana and I had to get it I’m weak for Kenma love 😭  2nd is a bokuaka book, I love the artist and I should be getting more of their work! Bokuto is so in love with Akaashi it’s to die over. And I managed to get Mookie’s 2nd book too!!! so excited when I saw it up on Toranoana, I bothered my with getting this book because it’s quite popular!

I’m not into Touken Ranbu but I do love me some omegaverse,,, plus the ship is hot so I bought it! Sweet Spot 1 went for 2000Y on Suruga-ya so I’m lucky to find Sweet Spot anthology book!

The last book is Saber Gawain/Archer Tristian from an artist I also admire, and have bought books from before I just didn’t know she was into slash ships! It’s a beautiful book!


I got into Gintama a while ago and, well, I love Takasugi/Gintoki (Hijikata/Gintoki too but my fave is Takasugi-) and I saw these…. beautiful… smutty books so I didn’t hesitate in buying them. There are quite a few omegaverse Gintama books which I haven’t had the chance to buy but I’m certainly gonna hunt them down! The last book is really hot, Gintama and Takasugi are both into uniforms and it’s really fitting of them!


Some Haikyuu nendos and a Yuri pillow!!! My Kenma nendo almost got sent back to Japan :/ I contacted my post office and they made up this bshit story that made no sense as to why they would ship it back? But then they said nothing was wrong??? So I finally got it, paid my custom tax (the joys of living in Europe!) and then got hit by a second bill asking me to pay custom tax…. When… I already had…. I contacted them again and they told me it was a mistake and I didn’t have to pay the second bill…!

I kinda regret not getting Iwaizumi but maybe later I’ll try to get him… And I kinda regret getting a Yuri pillow even tho he’s my fave but he is only 15… I should have gone with a Viktor one but I’m not a fan the yellow colour of his pillow D:

That’s it for now…! My birthday is next month so hopefully I can treat myself then! Thanks for reading!


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