Late July loot post

This is super late and I don’t really have an excuse for it except FGO came out for America and I’ve been playing non-stop :’) Today’s loot post is small! I have a lot in coming so I had to restrict myself. Also Comiket is happening right now ;_____; so many good doujinshis I want to buy but am holding myself back,,,,,, it’s torture.

I have found a new decor for bg for my pictures 8D; It’s just for now until I move in with my mom and can get a bigger studio but it’s good to do the job!


Starting out with my HQ doujinshis! I didn’t expect the first one to be so long or angsty but it has a happy ending so I can’t complain! The 2nd one has some prequels/sequels and is an omegaverse bokuaka book *______* Bokuto is the alpha and Akaashi the omega and they have a couple of bebs ❤ The third one is also set in the future with Bokuto playing for the national team and Akaashi missing him :’) The last 2 books are ushioi (2nd one has other bottom!Oikawa ships too) from two artists I admire and couldn’t pass on!


My small Otayuri collection! The first two belong in a series and are the 3rd/4th part in which Yuuri and Yuri are cats owned by Viktor. I don’t care for the other parts because there was no Otabek in it but these two are so cute with small kitten Yuri chasing after Otabek cat! Some of the Otayuri books are quite angsty? Esp the first one on the 2nd row haha oh man my heart breaks, I just want Otabek and Yuri to be happy ;_____;


misc doujinshis, one from Fire Emblem Fates/Birthright with Leo/Kamui…! Aaahhh so sad there are so little Kamui-ship doujinshis, I ship them with almost everyone and I was so excited to find this one..! The second one is an omegaverse doujnshi as well, for some reason Eren has bunny ears? In the doujinshi he goes through nesting and it’s funny to see Levi’s reaction :’) The last book is a manga, I quite love the artist as I have a lot (incompete sobs) of their works that I also wanted to support their manga / continue to buy their work (if possible, most work is digital!) In it 4 guys fight for the main character :’)


Non-doujinshis, a Yuri pillow I purchased!!! Bokuto also has finally come home, I’m still waiting for my Akaashi nendo as is Bokuto!

I think I’ll be posting again in a little while as I have more purchases coming my way 🙂


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